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Warcry: Hunter and Hunted
Warcry: Hunter and Hunted
Товар доступен к заказу
Условия: 100% предоплата, срок доставки - 30 рабочих дней
Over in the Gnarlwood, stomachs are rumbling – those of the Mawpits and the pale, ravenous Ogor Gorgers who are determined to eat their fill of fresh meat in praise of the Gulping God. The Wildercorps Hunters are currently following the ogors’ foul scent with the aid of their loyal Trailhounds – but unluckily for them, they’re perfectly snack-sized for the Gorgers. They must rely on their expert knowledge of the wilderness – and an array of pointy implements – to fend off the salivating horrors in this new Warcry set, which features two warbands and an eternally hungry Mawpit.
14 910 руб.
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